Monday, April 15, 2013

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka Endorses Acupuncture


AFL-CIO President Trumka endorses union Acupuncturists


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WELCOME to the free health information blog, especially intended for AFL-CIO members. The purpose of this blog is to offer you vital information to help you stay healthy or to regain your health.

Derek Bok, past-President of Harvard University, once said, "If you think education is expensive, try ignorance." This is especially true when it comes to health care. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and for those already ill, there are often inexpensive alternatives to costly medical care, in many cases approaches you can take yourself at home. As this blog progresses, you'll find numerous posts which may be of assistance to you.

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka has endorsed the services of  National Guild of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NGAOM) members like myself, having personally benefited from our care. Please read this letter of introduction from him:

My web address is and phone number is 941-366-1110. Please call if you want to schedule an appointment for more in depth perspectives about how to care for your health. 
                                Dr. Harvey Kaltsas, Acupuncture Physician, V.P. (FL), NGAOM; OPEIU, AFL-CIO

4/16/2013 - Yunnan Baiyao powder for injuries

The sadness attendant to the tragedy in Boston yesterday is inescapable. Unfortunately, I can't possibly suggest any cures for the mental illness that led to such an attack. As for the physical trauma, we're lucky to live in a country with such advanced emergency room care.

What do those in poor Asian countries do to deal with injuries?  Back in 1969-70 I had several friends return from Vietnam talking about how the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese regulars treated their wounded. Every soldier carried with him a small packet of Yunnan Baiyao, an herbal formula that both disinfects and stops bleeding. When shot, stabbed, or otherwise injured the Vietnamese would sprinkle this powder on their wounds and take some internally.  North Vietnamese Generals say they won the war because of Yunnan Baiyao. Unlike we Americans who had Medivac helicopters and mobile field hospital MASH units, the Vietnamese had none of these things. They needed something small, extremely inexpensive, and highly effective to treat their wounded. They used Yunnan Baiyao, the exact formula of which is a state military secret of China.

In time, American troops started buying Yunnan Baiyao while on R&R in Hong Kong to carry around with them on patrol when they returned to Vietnam. The Chinese got wind of this and stopped exports of Yunnan Baiyao to Hong Kong for the duration of the war, or so legend goes. These tales of the power of Yunnan Baiyao is actually what got me interested in traditional Chinese medicine in the first place, back in 1970. I started studying acupuncture then, and the rest is history.

I've used Yunnan Baiyao on many patients for a variety of conditions. One was an AIDS patient whose platelet count was four (4). Platelets are essential for clotting blood. They also contain the growth factors necessary for healing tissue. Without platelets even a minor cut can result in someone bleeding to death. Four (4) is an almost unbelievably low platelet count because. In men the average platelet counts  is 237,000 per mcL. A platelet count below 150,000 per mcL is called thrombocytopenia. Anyways, my patient took an airplane flight to Europe and upon descent the change in air pressure provoked a nose bleed that would not stop. Fortunately he had some Yunnan Baiyao in his luggage, and after retrieving his bag from the carousel he broke open a capsule of the powder and snorted it. The bleeding stopped instantly.

I had another patient with a similar problem - even though his platelet counts were high, whenever he got a nosebleed it would not stop. This patient was very wealthy, had contributed $326 million to charities, and the doctors did everything they could to him for SIX WEEKS as an in-patient in a hospital before they could get it to stop. Imagine the expense. One night at 2 a.m. his wife called me in a panic because her  husband suffered another nosebleed. The last thing he wanted was to spend another six weeks in a hospital. I got to his home around 4 a.m. with a short straw and some capsules of Yunnan Baiyao. Making a little joke of the process since neither of us had ever snorted cocaine, I instructed him how to inhale the Yunnan Baiyao through the straw. In seconds his nosebleed stopped, and he was both relieved and astonished. Relieved that he didn't have to spend another six weeks in a hospital and astonished that Western medicine doesn't know about such simple, inexpensive folk remedies.

It's definitely not only for nosebleeds. I use it on myself, my family, and patients whenever anyone gets a cut. an abrasion, or has some nasty infection and I don't have access to an antibiotic ointment.

Yunnan Baiyao is available online from for less than $12.00 for a box of 16 capsules.


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